Is There a Doctor in the House?

Hello fellow-physicians, other medical persons, patients and concerned citizens interested in the future of your own medical care and that of all of us.

We need to feel urgency and seriousness about the need to preserve and protect the true generalist physicians (the “compleat” doctors, as opposed to the “partialists” [specialists] and the “mid-levels” [nurse practitioners and physicians assistants]).

Question: Why? Aren’t they all the same?

Answer: No. Generalist physicians are trained in Family Medicine, General Internal Medicine or Pediatrics, and can handle 90% of what walks through the door. The specialists do not have the “in-breadth” knowledge and training, and the mid-levels do not have the “in-depth” knowledge and training to do so.

Question: So what?.

Answer: Medical care will be more costly (more specialist referrals from mid-levels lacking confidence and knowledge, or missing diagnoses, and more procedures done by specialists who often see only their own field). Worse, individuals will not get the continuity of care and the timely responsiveness and attention they need.

I am in the process of publishing a book, tentatively titled:

THE REAL DRAMA: Incredible Medicine.

It will expand on the above theme, and will present patient stories and activist attempts and achievements gleaned over a 50-yr sojourn — a lifetime in Medicine, 40 years of it in the same office in the same place, still doing Family Medicine — taking care of real people.

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